Chuka ‘ChuBoi’ Maduakor is one of those rare writers that sport a unique and innovative style as he draws from his multicultural background. From growing up with Nigerian music to embodying the reggae infused Toronto urban soundscape and subsequently becoming a part of the burgeoning Atlanta music scene. ChuBoi is set to unleash his catchy songs and hit potential on the urban music industry. Born in Canada and raised in Nigeria, ChuBoi was taught that academics was the only way for a young man to progress. While he strongly believed this, at a very young age he also knew that music will play a very important role in his life. After junior high, ChuBoi’s family moved to Canada where he continued his high school education and took his passion to another level by engraining himself into the Toronto urban music scene. Upon graduating from the University of Toronto in 2000, the time was right to make another critical decision in his journey to ‘Hitsville’, USA. He knew where he had to be to make this dream happen – Atlanta.
He secured a job with a pharmacy and toiled the ATL music scene after work, depriving himself of sleep and leisure but in the process honing his craft and making contacts. ChuBoi eventually hooked up with Kurt Tolliver (one of the great late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez’s personal assistants) who promptly put him on to up and coming music publisher Mike Jackson. Mike, recognizing the special talent that ChuBoi has immediately went to work harping on industry types to recognize this talented songwriter. Luckily one of those that recognized ChuBoi’s skills was super producer Teddy Bishop. ChuBoi’s frenetic workmanlike ethic convinced Teddy and Mike to partner up and help him solidify a publishing deal. Teddy and ChuBoi subsequently collabed to produce great songs, which caught attention of Windswept/Hitco urban creative director Leo Williams. In the interim ChuBoi’s progress was also accelerated when he linked up with Sterling and Oak to form a writing/artist/production team, the Knight Writaz. Within a year they churned out underground hits and irresistible bangers that promptly led to Sterling securing a deal with Def Jam Recordings. At first when some of ChuBoi’s songs permeated the ears of Leo Williams he was excited – but not enough to act. Over a few more months Teddy and ChuBoi generated more heat in the studio and cooked up irresistible records that finally convinced Leo that the time was right to meet the man behind the music. He hopped on a plane to Atlanta and promptly signed ChuBoi to a pub deal with Windswept.

Some of ChuBoi’s musical influences include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, R Kelly, The Fugees and a wide array of Nigerian musicians such as the legendary Sonny Okosun. He has worked with the likes of One Chance (co-penning their hit single “Look at Her” featuring Fabo of D4L), Ray Lavender (co-penning his single “Work It (Doing Doing)” featuring Akon which topped the charts in Europe), Mario (“Don’t walk away” produced by tricky stewart and the-dream), Q.Parker (of 112), Lee Carr (Jive records) and the list goes on. Through the years ChuBoi has remained very patient and humble, plotting his way through the fickle urban music scene. But the time has come when he doesn’t have to bang through doors to get his music heard. His music speaks for itself. ChuBoi’s mission and goal is very simple and direct. His words – “I just wanna keep writing hits Maann”!


Mario “Don’t Walk Away” D.N.A. 2009 J Records
Mario “Ghetto Love” True to the Game 2008 Stadium Entertainment
Sterling Simms “Doin’ Dat Dere” Yours, Mine, and the Truth 2008 Def Jam
Sterling Simms “Single” Yours, Mine, and the Truth 2008 Def Jam
Ray Lavender feat. Akon “Work It (Doing Doing)” 2007 Released in Europe
One Chance feat. D4L “Look at Her” 2006 Single released by J Records


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